26 Baseball Autos in a Week!

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What’s up everybody – this has been a crazy week for my 1991 Donruss collection – all of these coming back this week, 26 total cards in the mail, let’s get right to it!

(sorry the video is a little fuzzy, it focused on my background…)

Here we go!

Delino DeShields since 2/2 in 16 days via his home, returning both my regular card and his Diamond Kings. Roger McDowell returned 2/2 in 108 days via the Orioles home stadium. Kevin Tapani retuned 1/1 in 13 days via his home in MN.

This time around I did do some donations trying to complete the set. Lee Smith signed 1/1 in 13 days via his home in LA with $10 donation. Alvaro Espinoza retuned 1/1 in 13 days via a $7 donation to Past Pros. Andre Dawson returned a sweet signed card with a $5 donation in 13 days via his home in FL. Dave Johnson returned 1/1 with a $5 donation via his home in MD.

Mike Schooler returned 2/2 in 12 days via the middle school he teaches at in California. Meanwhile, Donn Pall signed 1/2 in 22 days via his home in IL. Great return from Mr. Gene Larkin who signed 2/2 in 22 days via his batting cage company in MN. Also in 22 days comes Randy Bush who signed 2/2 via the Chicago Cubs during the offseason.

Cory Snyder signed 2/2 in 17 days via his home in UT. Joe Carter signed 1/1 in 13 days via his home in KS with a $5 donation

Thanks to Caleb for this next address for Jack McDowell, who signed 2/2 in 22 days via his home in NC. Mark Gubicza signed 2/2 in 24 days via his home in CA. Kevin Seitzer signed 1/1 in 24 days via his baseball academy in Missouri.

Finally, with a $20 donation ($10 per card) – a great return from Mr. Steve Sax!

Thanks for watching everybody, hope everybody had a great week! Send Caleb some positive vibes (link above) as his dog passed away recently.

Thanks for watching this update everybody, may your mailboxes be full and your stamps Forever. Have a great day!

Autographs from this video:


  • Delino DeShields – 16 days
  • Roger McDowell – 108 days
  • Kevin Tapani – 13 days
  • Lee Smith – 13 days with donation
  • Alvaro Espinoza – 13 days with donation
  • Andre Dawson – 13 days with donation
  • Dave Johnson – 13 days with donation
  • Mike Schooler – 12 days
  • Donn Pall – 22 days
  • Gene Larkin – 22 days
  • Randy Bush – 22 days
  • Cory Synder – 17 days
  • Joe Carter – 13 days with donation
  • Jack McDowell – 22 days
  • Mark Gubicza – 24 days
  • Kevin Seitzer – 24 days
  • Steve Sax – 9 days with donation