Belated Thank-You’s to Fellow YouTubers and Collectors!

Caleb’s Cards:
Zach’s Channel:
Bill’s Facebook Group:…

Hey everybody! I have been a very bad friend and have neglected to do a thank-you video for a couple of months, so here we go!

I wanted to thank Caleb’s Cards for an awesome Christmas care package he sent back in December. He sent a gift card that I used for some Tide-Pods and for some soda (pop) – true story!

I also wanted to thank someone I met at Vidcon, Zach. Zach said he was sending me an autograph from Australia and I was blown away by the huge matte piece he sent me. I was expecting a card and he sent a framed piece, unbelievable! I had a fun time at Vidcon and meeting Zach, so I really appreciate the gift. You can find his channel above.

And finally, thanks to Bill Johnson, owner of Bill’s TTM and In-Person Autographs on Facebook. He was getting Mookie Wilson to sign a few things and he graciously found and had Mookie sign a 1991 Donruss – FOR THE SET!

And thank you! I have had over 60 new subscribers the past 60 days and I really appreciate you giving some of your valuable time to watch this crazy channel of mine.

I’m trying to start 2019 off rolling and hope to give you more content than I ever had before, and provide more tips, tricks and successes than you are used to from me.

No mail Monday because of President’s Day, but I hope Tuesday, like every day, is a Giant Mail Day. May your mailboxes be full and your stamps Forever.