Ben Oglivie and more baseball autographs through the mail (TTM)

What is up, autograph nation! TTM Troy here with a few more TTMs for you today! I am trying to get caught up with some 2018 returns before the 2019 hopefully start coming back. Let’s take a look at what we have in this video!

Dan Jennings signed 1/1 in 200 days via the Brewers but he is no longer on the team. Dan grew up only a few miles away from where i live, so that is pretty cool. He had 272 career strikeouts .

Stephen Vogt signed 1/1 in 71 days from the Brewers stadium as well – he too is no longer with the organization. He played for the Rays, the As and the Brewers. He was a 2X All Star making the team in 2015 and 2016. He suffered a shoulder strain which put him in on the DL. According to what I see this week, he might be with the Giants this season, keep an eye out.

Sammy Solis signed 1/1 in 108 days via the Washington Nationals. He has been on the Nationals team since 2015 and has an ERA of 4.51 with 136 strikeouts.

And finally we have Ben Oglivie who signed 1/1 in 48 days. He played for the Red Sox, Tigers, and the Brewers. He is a 3x All Star making the team in 1980, 1982 and 1983 and was also a Silver Slugger in 1980.

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Autographs From This Video:

  • Dan Jennings – 1/1 in 200 days via the Brewers
  • Stephen Vogt – 1/1 in 71 days from the Brewers
  • Sammy Solis – 1/1 in 108 days via the Washington Nationals
  • Ben Oglivie – 1/1 in 48 days

Scans from this video: