Big TTM Update! 2 HOF autos and Colby Lewis?!

Hey everybody, TTM Troy here with a fairly big recap of TTMs for you, including 2 HOF members and a “how the heck did that happen!?” Plus, some of my favorite 1991 Donruss!

First we have Pete Harnisch on a 1991 Donruss who signed in 46 Days. Then the Donruss love continues with Leo Gomez also in 46 days. Taking a break from the blue for a bit Mike Krukow signed 1/1 in 65 days. Then, Donruss is back baby with Tim Jones in 65 Days. Topps Heritage continues to look awesome with a return from Norichika Aoki in 164 days. The Donruss keeps coming with a 2 spot from Derrick May in 87 Days.

Then we have HOF #1 who signed 3/1 in an unknown number of days without donation – Mr. Goose Gossage! Loved Goose as a kid and super-psyched to get a return from him!

Next we have a cool looking card from Justin Masterson who returned in only 37 days. Following that success is Emilio Bonifacio who sent this Topps Heritage card my way in 46 days. Rounding up the last of the Donruss, Mr. Mackey Sasser returned this blue beauty in 121 Days. Then we have Chris Perez who returned this Topps Heritage in 37 days.

Cody Anderson is in great form with this sick, bold signature in 43 days from the Braves.

Then we have a weird return since he is no longer on the team. A 2/2 success from Colby Lewis via the Rangers in 27 days. But he hasn’t been on the team this year! Either the team forwarded his mail or he is still hanging out there. The signatures look good compared to ones I got a couple of years ago – so who knows what happened!

Then we have RA Dickey who returned 2/2 in 21 days via his home address in Nashville. Rounding up the video with a long return from Shawn Tolleson in 345 days until we come to…

The 2nd HOF return – Mr. Joe Torre who returned this signed card in 533 Days!

Whew! That’s a lot of autographs! Thanks for sticking with me and keep an eye on my channel for a special announcement coming soon – just in time for Christmas shopping season!

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Autographs from this video:

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  • Pete Harnisch – 46 Days
  • Leo Gomez – 46 Days
  • Mike Krukow – 65 Days
  • Tim Jones – 65 Days
  • Norichika Aoki – 164 Days
  • Derrick May – 87 Days
  • Goose Gossage – ?? Days
  • Justin Masterson – 37 Days
  • Emilio Bonifacio – 46 Days
  • Mackey Sasser – 121 Days
  • Colby Lewis – 27 Days
  • RA Dickey – 21 Days
  • Joe Torre – 533 Days
  • Chris Long