Catch-Up TTM Video! TV, Film, NFL, MLB!

What’s up everybody, TTM Troy here with another TTM video for you! Isn’t that a maniacal looking thumbnail photo! Wow! ha!

It has been almost a month since my last real TTM video and the reason is I have been SICK! 2 Urgent cares, 1 hospital and a bunch of really bad days/nights and even though I still can’t hear right, I wanted to do a little video for everybody.

This video contains autographs from a bunch of celebrities and athletes including: Scott Bakula, Jeff Foxworthy, Pat Neshek, Gregg Olson, Michael Saunders, Adam Vinatieri, Chris Hatcher and Rafael Betancourt!

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Here’s hoping that every day is a Giant Mail Day!

Autographs from this video:

  • Scott Bakula – 119 Days
  • Jeff Foxworthy – ?? Days
  • Pat Neshek – 8 Days
  • Gregg Olson – 10 Days
  • Michael Saunders – 55 Days
  • Adam Vinatieri – 203 Days
  • Chris Hatcher – 49 Days
  • Rafael Betancourt – 103 Days