Donnie Baseball and MLB Spring Training Returns!

Hey everybody, TTM Troy here – your friendly neighborhood TTM Autograph man! Faster than a fedex overnight, more powerful than a USPS truck – it’s a bird it’s a plane … its… well, me!

Here is today’s mail day, featuring TTM Autographs from the one and only Don Mattingly (send to Marlins Spring Training last year) and a beautiful TTM signature from Jacque Jones – sent to the Nationals Spring Training also last year. Both were over 300 days, but they are there again this year so get those stamps out and start writing those TTM letter of requests – spring training has about a month left!

Thanks so much for all of your support the past 4 years. Please, if you can, like, share comment and subscribe to this channel – it makes me feel like you all are watching!

Here’s hoping every day is a Giant Mail Day!

Autographs from this video:

  • Don Mattingly – 357 days (Marlins Spring Training)
  • Jacque Jones – 317 Days (Nationals Spring Training)