Gifts, Mini-Me and NFL Returns! Special Video!

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Hey everybody, it’s a postal holiday today so I thought I would do a special video for everybody and get caught up on a few TTMS! First I want to thank Caleb’s Cards for a great care package and also Jeremy Daniels “The Boss” for a sweet card and autographs as well over the holidays. Both their channels are linked about, but I think The Boss took down his autograph vids. Sorry!

Next up we have a special funny segment with Verne Troyer opening MY fan mail – you don’t want to miss it!

Finally some NFL returns over the past month and a half.

Michael Carter signed 2/2 in 49 days via his home in TX, Jim Fahnhorst signed 1/1 in 49 days via his home in MN, DeMeco Ryans signed 2/2 in 50 days via the 49ers, CJ Mosely signed 2/2 in 327 days via the Ravens, Eric Martin signed 1/1 in 382 days via his home in Mississippi, Tim McKyer signed 1/2 in 83 days via his home in FL!, Matt Cassel signed 2/2 in 142 days via the Titans, Vincent Jackson signed 2/2 in 55 days via his agency in NY. 3rd try. And finally Eric Fisher signed 1/1 in 142 days via the Chiefs

Stamp prices go up soon, better go stock up!

Here’s hoping every day is giant mail day!

Autographs from this video:


  • Michael Carter – 49 days
  • Jim Fahnhorst – 49 days
  • DeMeco Ryans – 50 days
  • CJ Mosely – 327 days
  • Eric Martin – 382 days
  • Tim McKyer – 83 days
  • Matt Cassel – 142 days
  • Vincent Jackson – 55 days
  • Eric Fisher – 142 days
  • Elliot Gould – Gift
  • Abby Wambach – Gift
  • George RR Martin – Gift