Huge Weekly Update – NFL HOF, More!

Hello again TTM Nation! TTM Troy here with a pretty nice weekly update from you from TTM HQ. Let’s dive right into it!

First, coming in from the Houston Astros, Joe Musgrove signed 2/2 in 49 Days although his sharpie looks like it was giving out on #2 there! Next we have a return that was sent to the Norfolk Tides, but it looks like he is back on the Orioles again – Johnny Giavotella signed 1/1 in 101 Days!

A great Rangers return on 2017 Topps is next with a 1/1 in 35 days fro Keone Kela. Good to see some 2017 Topps coming in, haven’t had many come back! I really love the look of this next return – Connor Cook signed 1/1 in 274 days via the rangers. Wish the signature was a little more bold, but the colors on this card just snap.

Next, another Rangers return – Nomar Mazara signed 1/1 in 35 Days via the Rangers stadium. Another 2017 Topps Heritage, this time from Brandon Finnegan via the Reds home stadium. This was returning in 105 days.

Getting into some 1991 Donruss, Tim Naehring signed 2/2 in only 7 days round trip! Next we have Trevor Brown who signed in silver sharpie on this card and returned it in 134 days from The Giants. Then we will head back to some more 1991 Donruss with a sharp card from Will Clark who returned it in 75 days, also via The Giants.

Let’s hit up some vintage football with a 6 day return from Tom Rathman who signed 2/2, followed up by Keena Turner who signed 2/2 in 14 days.

Back to Donruss, a 1/1 return in 148 days from Mr. Jaime Navarro is next, and then a 3/2 success 14 days from Bob Patterson – also 1991 Donruss (and his own tribute card).

Back to football for a second, Roger Craig signed 2/2 in 14 days and then Len Dawson, NFL HoF class of 1987 signed this card in 16 days via the Chiefs.

Finally, Bill Landrum signed 2 1991 Donruss for me in 14 days.

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Autographs from this video:

  • Joe Musgrove – 49 Days
  • Johnny Giavotella – 101 Days
  • Keone Kela – 35 Days
  • Connodr Cook – 274 Days
  • Nomar Mazara – 35 Days
  • Brandon Finnegan – 105 Days
  • Tom Rathman – 6 Days
  • Keena Turner – 14 Days
  • Jaime Davarro – 148 Days
  • Bob Patterson – 14 Days
  • Roger Craig – 14 Days
  • Len Dawson – 16 Days
  • Bill Landrum – 14 Days