Internet Signature Card

YouTube is popular right now, and some social media superstars are more famous than those on TV! When I went to Vidcon this year, I thought to myself – why aren’t there cards for getting all of these “Internet” celebrity’s autographs?

So, I made some. These are limited edition (I only made 500 of them) cards you can use to get great-looking signatures of your favorite YouTubers, Instagram favorites, or just friends and people in your hobby’s community. They are 14pt heavy-weight cardboard (like a traditional trading card) with a matte finish so they don’t need prepped before signing.


They are $10 for a pack of 25, plus $3 shipping in the US. US orders only right now, sorry.

Interested, click on Buy Now below. I am not making a lot of money on these, I just thought they would be fun for the community, and maybe people would use them at Comic Cons, Vidcon, Play List Live, and other places where YouTube celebs might do signings.

Thank you for your interest!