Padres Spring Training – HUGE Success

Hey everybody, TTM Troy here with one of my best TTM days ever! Yes, this rivals my JJ Watt, Luke Kuechly and some of my other best returns. I am so excited to share this with you!

All three returns come from San Diego Padres Spring Training. Travis Jankowski, Austin Hedges and none other than… Mark McGwire! As a bonus (to me) they were signed on my favorite blue 1991 Donruss Cards! They look beautiful! So happy to add these to my autograph collection and again some of my best TTM successes ever!

I hope everybody is having some great successes – time is running out for Spring Training – get those LOR’s out! Keep on graphing and please like, share comment and subscribe. Thanks!

Here’s hoping every day is a giant mail day!

Autographs from this video:


  • Travis Jankowski – 10 Days
  • Austin Hedges – 12 Days
  • Mark McGwire- 23 days (Padres Spring Training)