7/8/2017 – Raisel Iglesias and Chris Hoiles Autographs

Hey everybody, I recorded this video and completely forgot to release it before I went on vacation – sorry about that! Two package mail day – a 1991 Donruss and 1 current player. Coming back in 21 days from the Reds – Raisel Iglesias or “I-Glesias” as I call him – signed 2/2 on 2017 Topps! In September 2013, Iglesias attempted to defect from Cuba and hid in the mountains of Isla de la Juventud, but was caught and was detained. In November of that same year, Iglesias successfully defected from Cuba and established his residency in Haiti, held an open tryout in Mexico in December 2013, and signed with the Cincinnati Reds on June 27, 2014, to a seven-year contract worth $27 million.

Chris Hoiles also signed 2/2 on some 1991 Donruss cards in 18 days. Hoiles played his entire Major League Baseball career as a catcher for the Baltimore Orioles from 1989 to 1998. Although his playing career was shortened by injuries, Hoiles was considered one of the best all-around catchers in Major League Baseball, performing well both offensively and defensively.

Thanks everybody, hope everybody is having a great week, keep up the great work and let’s hope everybody has a giant mail day soon!

Autographs from this video:

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  • Raisel Iglesias – 21 Days
  • Chris Hoiles – 18 Days