TTM Autographs – Current Baseball Catch-up!

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Continuing my catch-up videos today with some current MLB action!

First we have Yonder Alonso, who some say has a ghost signer, signing 1/1 in 542 days from last year! Up next is Nate Karns signing 1/1 in 217 days via the Royals Spring Training!

Next we have Mike Fiers signing 1/1 in 82 days via the Astros, and then 2/2 from Daniel Hudson and the Pirates in 232 days.

Rounding out this video we have Jorge Soler signing 1/1 in 185 days via Royals Spring Training and then Matt Szczur signing 1/1 in 42 days via the Padres.

Finally this week, a rare return from the Tigers, Mr. Andrew Romine signing 1/1 in 36 days!

Thanks for watching this update everybody, may your mailboxes be full and your stamps Forever. Have a great day!

Autographs from this video:

  • Yonder Alonso – 542 days
  • Nate Karns – 217 days
  • Mike Fiers – 82 days
  • Daniel Hudson – 232 days
  • Jorge Soler – 185 days
  • Matt Szczur – 42 days
  • Andrew Romine – 36 days