TTM Autographs from Todd Van Poppel and Ray Smith

What’s up everybody! Hope everybody had a great week in the world of TTMs or through-the-mail autographs!

Here is my TTM mail day from Saturday! First we have Ray Smith who signed in 1/1 in 39 days via the Elizabethton Twins. Ray played from 1981-1983 for the Minnesota Twins. He’s been with the minor league Twins team for 24 years. Whoa! I’m not sure where I even got that card!

Next we have Todd Van Poppel who signed 1/1 in 16 days via his home in Texas. Todd was a top potential recruit for the Braves, in fact it was between him and Chipper Jones back then. And, as you know, they chose Chipper Jones and Van Poppel went to the A’s. He played for a variety of teams for his 12 years in the majors. But – never for the Braves. Oh, and no disrespect intended for Mr. Van Poppel by talking about the Chipper Jones thing. I just found that tidbit over in his bio and thought it would be interested to share. I’m sure he has heard it once or twice.

Really appreciate he took the time to send my TTM back! Thanks for watching everybody! Hope you all had a great week and those TTMs are flowing into your mailbox as we start to round out of summer.

As always, please like comment and subscribe! May your mailboxes be full and your Stamps Forever! Thanks for watching everybody – Buh Bye!

Autographs From This Video:

  • Todd Van Poppel – 1/1 in 16 days
  • Ray Smith – 1/1 in 39 days