TTM Autographs from Jim Palmer, White Sox, Reds and More

Hey, what’s up TTM Nation! TTM Troy here with a long overdue TTM update for you this last Sunday in November!

First coming in at 251 days from his home address, signing 1/1 Michael Cuddyer! Next we have a 2/2 return in 42 days via the White Sox with Mr. Tyler Saladino!

1991 Donruss mojo continues with a 2/2 return in 29 days from Jay Bell from his home in AZ.

Next a nice Topps Heritage signing 1/2 is Corey Dickerson in 141 days via Tropicana Stadium. More White Sox returns follow as Nate Jones signs 2/2 in 85 days, including another 2017 Topps Heritage! Next we have Mr. Tucker Barnhart who signed 2/2 in 186 days via the Reds home stadium.

And finally this video, a 1/1 return in 204 days via Orioles Spring Training – none other than the legendary Jim Palmer!

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Autographs from this video:

  • Corey Dickerson – 141 Days
  • Tyler Saladino – 42 Days
  • Jay Bell – 29 Days
  • Nate Jones – 85 Days
  • Tyler Barnhart – 186 Days
  • Jim Palmer – 204 Days
  • Michael Cuddyer – 251 Days