IP Tip: The Sweet Spot Jacket!

Hey everybody, with spring training around the corner I thought I would share something to help you get your autos on the exact spot you want them. I have seen a lot of versions of this type of thing, and by far the best one in terms of quality is Sweet Spot Jacket! They were nice enough to send me one when I wanted to review them for my book, so thought I would do a video as well!

By putting a ball into the jacket, you can only expose the sweet spot of the baseball, which makes it nearly guaranteed a player will sign in the right spot! You can lower it down to a player (if you are above) by using the included carabiner and string, and attaching a pen or sharpie to the loop.

I highly recommend using this type of a holder for IP, and this manufacturer is simply the best – they are nice to deal with and a family company based in Connecticut. You can find them at

Check them out! Also please like, share comment and subscribe – let me know if you are going to Spring Training in AZ or Florida!

May every day be a giant mail day!


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