Email Fixed!

Oops!  Looks like I was in such a hurry to get the site up I didn’t set up the email correctly.  My email, should be working now if you want to drop me a line, ask a question, or anything else.  Hope to hear from you!

TTM FTW 9/17/2012

My very first TTM? It’s a hobbit of a tale… Autographs from this video:

Bill Pullman, 2012-09 (ebay)

I’ve always been a fan of Bill Pullman’s.  Over the years I have tried to get him to sign TTM, and never had a success.  I scoured over eBay listings and finally found one from SuperStars Gallery that came with COA and foil sticker on the photo.  Still going to try and get this one …

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Elijah Wood – Early TTM

One of my very first TTM’s (if not THE first) was Elijah Wood – the one who would be Frodo. I believe this was shortly after the film Forever Young and before The Good Son. Elijah was repped by William Morris, so there was almost no chance of getting something back. I sent to his …

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