Project Hit The Deck 2

Project Hit The Deck II officially went online on December 1, 2015!

The Basics

Project Hit The Deck II is based off the original Project Hit The Deck by Zane Savage, Stacy Shaffer and Jeremy Daniels of Autograph Weekly. It involves sending out regular playing cards to get signed TTM (hopefully on the face of the card). The catch – you have to provide a convincing argument why you had that particular person sign the card.

The Rules

  • Only TTM’s received December 1, 2015 – April 30, 2016 on playing cards will count.
  • Each TTM must have a “story” ie: why they signed that particular card. See below for examples.
  • Only 1 return per celebrity is allowed for the entire project. If one person gets a celeb, and someone else gets them as well, the second return is invalidated (but is still cool).
  • All returns must be mentioned in a video on YouTube with a mention of the project, and a link back to this page. In return, we will link your channel here on this page.
  • Each successful return is worth 1 point. If you get more than 5 in a day, you get an extra .5 point. An extra 10, 1 extra point, etc.
  • The goal is to build an entire deck of 52.  However, if you want to use multiple decks, that is still allowed.
  • If a return doesn’t make sense, a jury of TTM peers will decide if it counts or not.

The Grand Prize

  • 2 rolls  of 100 count US Forever stamps ($98 value)
  • 1 year subscription to StarTiger (new or renewal)
  • 2 surprise gifts
  • Other prizes to be announced


  • Queen of Hearts – Anybody from The King of Queens TV Show
  • Jokers – any comedian
  • 2’s – Anybody who was in a sequel
  • 3’s – Anybody from Three Kings
  • 8’s – Anybody from 8 is Enough
  • Jacks – Anybody named Jack
  • 5’s – Cast of Party of 5, has a 5 as their jersey number, etc.

You get the idea.

Sign Ups Are Now Closed!



NameYouTube ChannelJoinedNumber Successes


Name DateRecipientClaim To Fame
Charles "Chick" Cleveland1/11/2016CalebKorean War Ace, signed the Ace card
Cecil Foster1/16/2016CalebKorean War Fighter Ace, signed the Ace card
Lowell Bennett12/26/2015HenryLate Model race car driver, signed 2 of Diamonds, car #2.
Stephen Bonner12/20/2015HenryWW2 Ace on the Ace of Clubs
Joe Dante1/16/2016HenryJoe Dante signed a 5 of Hearts because he directed episodes of the New Hawaii 5-0
Dale Dye1/18/2016Zane4 of clubs, since he was in Born on the Fourth of July
David Ragan1/19/2016Zane6 - Drives #6 car
Bob Backlund1/19/2016Zane2 - Won2 WWF championships
Bobby Burgess1/19/2016Zane7 clubs - Mickey Mouse Club
Brad Gjermundson1/29/2016Henry4 spades Brad Gjermundson is a 4 time Saddle Bronc Champion
Wayne Newton1/29/2016ZaneWayne Newton - In movie Smokin' Aces (Ace of Spades)
Arthur Fiedler1/29/2016ZaneArthur Fiedler - WWII Ace (Ace of Clubs)
James E. Duffy1/25/2016HenryWW2 Ace James E. Duffy. Ace Diamonds
Brodie Greer1/25/2016HenryCHIPS on 7 hearts. Call name 7 Adam
Ace Bhatti1/20/2016HenryUK Eastenders
Ben Burtt1/25/2016Calebspeaking voice of R2-D2, others
Charles C. Pattillo1/31/2016AndyWWII Ace
Lynn Jones1/31/2016AndyWWII Ace
Frank McCauley1/31/2016AndyWWII Ace
Frank Duggan1/31/2016AndyWWII Ace
Richard Moll1/31/2016Andy10 Diamonds, movie "Diamond Zero"
Barbara Eden1/31/2016Andy5 Spades, movie "5 Weeks in a Balloon"
Nathan Jung1/31/2016Andy4 Spades, movie "Ghouls 4"
William Driscoll1/26/2016CalebAce, WWII Ace
Jesse Ventura12/29/2015Henry2 Clubs (Major League 2)
Jimmy Smits2/6/2016Andy3 Hearts Star Wars 3 Revenge of the Sith
Martin Mull2/6/2016Andy5 Hearts Home is Where the Hart is
Mike Cameron2/6/2016Andy4 Diamonds Hit 4 homeruns in one game
Sayed Badreya2/6/2016AndyKing Spades Iraqi Tank Major in Three Kings
Ron Zanussi2/5/2016HenryRon Zanussi of North Stars signed 9 of spades because he was jersey #9
Tim Allen2/3/2016CalebJoker - comedian
Peter Mark Richman2/3/2016Caleb3 of spades, he used to play on the TV show 3's Company
Rita Moreno2/3/2016AndyMovie: Nicky Deuce
Doug Sanders2/3/2016Andy9 Clubs - golfer
Dick Beyer2/3/2016AndyFigure "Four" Leg Lock
Sean Huyck2/6/2016CalebKing Of Customs" Sean Huyck
Jojo Starbuck2/4/2016HenryFigure "8" skater
Jack Baker2/16/2016CalebBoston Red Sox 1B Jack Baker
Jim Thirkettle 2/16/2016Henry5 Diamonds (Drove #5 car)
Rick Wilson2/16/2016Henry4 Diamonds (Drove #4)
Sue Ane Langdon2/15/2016Zane2 Elvis Movies (King of Spades)
Michael Madse2/15/2016ZaneHateful Eight (8 of Spades)
Ronnie Schell 2/8/2016HenryComedian (Joker)
Dick Motta2/8/2016HenryNBA top 10 in victories (10 Spades)
Jerry Doyle2/19/2016Troy5 Hearts - Babylon 5
Stephen Furst2/20/2016Troy5 - Babylon 5
Tom Waddle3/3/2016Caleb2 of Clubs - let the Bears in receiving for 2 years
Juice Newton3/1/2016CalebQueen of Hearts - had a song called Queen of Hearts
Lance Junker2/29/2016Henry9 of Diamonds - hit 2 grand slams in the 9th inning
Ron Haggerty2/29/2016HenryKing of Clubs - played Clipper King in the TV show Sky King
Ned Bolcar2/29/2016Caleb8 of Clubs - Captain of 1988 National Championship Team
Noah Neill2/29/2016Caleb4 of Spades, 4 years old when she enrolled in performing school
Elena Verdugo2/29/2016Caleb6 of Clubs, her career spans 6 decades
Jack Whillock2/29/2016CalebJack of Diamonds - name is Jack
Larry Brown2/25/2016Andy6 - 6th All-Time in NBA Victories
Jane Powell2/25/2016Andy9 Hearts - "Deep in my Heart"
Olympia Dukakis2/25/2016AndyQueen Hearts - "Young at Heart"
Rick Cerone2/25/2016Andy6 - Wore #6 for Red Sox
Pete Daley2/25/2016AndyWore #8 for Red Sox
Barry Williams2/25/2016Andy7 - "Hollywood 7"
Chris Singleton2/25/2016Andy8 - 8th pick in NFL Draft
Greg Louganis2/25/2016Henry5 time Olympic medal winner (5 Spades)
Vic Damone2/25/2016HenryKing of Hearts - You're Break(King) my Heart
Dakin Matthews2/23/2016TroyKing of Queens TV Show
Dewey Martin2/22/2016Henry10, 10,000 Bedrooms Movie
Read Morgan2/22/2016Henry9, Coronado 9
Dave Moorehead2/22/2016Caleb5 Diamonds, pitched for 5 years, diamonds=baseball
Rudy Catali2/22/2016Caleb3 Clubs, cartoon Ultra Tomato III
Rich Jones2/24/2016Caleb7 Diamonds - played 7 seasons in NBA
Louise Fletcher2/23/2016Caleb9 Hearts, from Deepspace 9
Frederick Pryor2/23/2016Caleb2 Hearts, 1960 U-2 incident
Al Richardson2/23/2016Caleb6 Diamonds - played 6 years in NFL
Ron Gant2/19/2016Henry5 Clubs, Reporter for Fox 5
Shep Houghton2/19.2016HenryQueen, had a role called Ellery Queen
Elinor Donahue2/19/2016Caleb3 Hearts, movie called 3 Daring Daughters
Alice Mitchell2/20/2016Caleb4 Hearts, Dennis the Menace was on the air for 4 seasons
Tom Yewcic2/28/2016Caleb10 Spades, coached in NFL 10 years
Art Still2/28/2016Caleb5 Clubs, 5x Pro-Bowler
Rob Belloir2/26/2016Caleb10 Diamonds, wore #10
Mike Farrell2/26/2016Caleb9 Spades, Mash was on air for 9 seasons
Gene Washington2/26/2016Caleb8 Spades, 8th draft pick in 1967 Draft
Walter Koenig3/14/2016Troy5 - Babylon 5
Devon Bostick3/14/2016Troy4- Saw IV
Ed Begley Jr3/20/2016Troy7 - 7th Heaven
Ray Culp3/4/2016Caleb10 Hearts - Putched 200 innings for 10 years
Matt Blair3/4/2016Caleb6 Hearts - 6x Pro Bowler
Jim Beaty3/10/2016Caleb4 Diamonds - broke 4 minute mile record
Leah Remii3/17/2016CalebQueen Spades - King of Queens show
Don Rickles3/14/2016HenryJoker - Comedian
Patricia Morison3/9/2016CalebQueen Diamonds - in a movie Queen of the Amazons
Jack Hogan3/15/2016CalebJack Clubs - TV series Combat (name is Jack)
Clifton James3/15/2016Caleb8 Diamonds - 8 Men Out
Doug LaMear3/7/2016Henry8 - Reporter for KGW 8
Estelle Harris3/7/2016Caleb2 Diamonds - Toy Story 2
Tommy Rall3/24/2016Caleb7 Spades - 7 Brides For 7 Brothers
William R Beyer3/28/2016CalebAce Clubs - WWII Ace
Rose Marie4/4/2016Caleb5 Hearts - Dick Van Dyke Show for 5 seasons
Leah Remii4/30/2016AndyQueen Spade Leah Remini King of Queens (Duplicate, no point)
Martha DuBois4/30/2016AndyQueen Diamonds - Macgyver episode "King of Queens"
Dr. Robert Jarvick4/30/2016AndyJack Hearts - Inventor of artificial heart
Pete Daley4/30/2016Andy#8 - Red Sox
Shane Andrews4/30/2016Andy#2 - Red Sox


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