Social Bluebook for Small Creators

What is up TTMers and fellow YouTubers! Hope everybody is having a great start to 2019!

Part of my goals in 2019 is trying to do videos other than regular TTM videos and giving tips and tricks both about collecting, creating videos, sharing your collection and other things. Today I want to tell you about this fun site I found last year. After attending Vidcon a couple of years ago and hearing about them at a panel, I checked out a site called Social Bluebook (SBB), that lets you enter i your social media profiles and get a “value” on what a tweet, post or video from you might be worth to an advertiser.

The site is at

This site is completely different than some of the other sites on the Internet to “know your worth” – this one actually gives you tools to help you contact brands and advertisers once you get your numbers.

But anyway, to be honest, I was just playing around at the time I first joined, but it did give me an idea.

Using the numbers I had for my youtube channel and twitter account, I managed to negotiate discount on a couple of booths at both a celebrity convention and a sports card show. Then I came back to SBB and actually subscribed so I could put in ALL of my social media profiles. After that I used all of my profiles and managed to strike a deal for free shipping for my cool new backdrop for my videos!

When you sign up initially, you can put in one of your social media URLs for free. To be able to put in multiple accounts, you have to pay a subscription – I bought a full year for a little over $50.

I really recommend SBB for any creator – small or large – to just get a feeling of what type of value a post or video is “worth.” You might be able to negotiate with a local business, or even an international business – but if you don’t know your social media values, you are going to have a hard time. SBB makes it easy and I think they will continue to be a major player in what they call “influencer” marketing.

So for us TTMers you might be able to convince a local card shop to give you a pack or hobby box of a new release if you tweet or do a video about their business. Or, maybe like I did, free admission to a local card show. Whether you have 100 subscribers or 10,000 – it helps you to know what the industry standard is – because they have so many people on the service actually doing deals.

Definitely recommend them! I’m a paying member of their site! I did receive a small stipend for SBB for telling my story here, but even before, I paid for the annual subscription, so it is something I really think people will find valuable, even if you only enter in your one profile. #sponsored