Big TTM Returns from Sports Pros! Plus more Hockey!

(I Keep confusing Spring Break with Spring Training – tis the season!)

What’s up everybody! TTM Troy here with some hockey and NFL returns!

First, on to the hockey! Gordie Roberts signed 1/1 in 50 days via his home in Minnesota. Also, Troy Mallette signed 1/1 in 50 days via his home in Canada! Claude Louiselle came through with a 1/1 in 75 days via his home in NY and Mark Osborne signed 1/1 in 60 days from Canada.

On to some current and former NFL players!

Danny Stubbs signed 2/2 in 174 days via his home in Florida, and a big return from Herschel Walker who signed 1/1 in 454 days via his home in Texas. Next we have an awesome rookie card routine from Kirk Cousins who signed 1/1 in 470 days via the Redskins. And finally this week, Go Pack Go – Jordy Nelson signed 1/1 in 529 days via the Green Bay Packers!

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Talk to you later, here’s hoping everybody has a Giant Mail Day soon!

Autographs from this video:


  • Gordie Roberts – 50 Days
  • Troy Mallette – 50 Days
  • Claude Louiselle – 75 Days
  • Mark Osborne – 60 days
  • Danny Stubbs – 174 Days
  • Kirk Cousins – 470 Days
  • Herschel Walker – 454 Days
  • Jordy Nelson – 529 Days
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