How To Get Free Autographs Through The Mail (TTM)

Welcome to one of the greatest hobbies, collecting autographs through the mail, or as everybody calls it “TTM Autograph Collecting.” Collecting autographs through the mail is a great hobby for all ages and can even be done together as a family. Whether you are new to collecting autographs through the mail or a seasoned veteran, I hope this website helps you get the signatures you are looking for and provides some great information for you to further your collecting.

Want to get started right now? Watch this complete guide to TTM’s and get started collecting today!

On the website you will find one of the best tutorials on sending out TTM’s as well as helpful videos on common questions such as “What is a FOE” and more. Prior to 2022 this website was mainly set up to showcase my TTMs, but I am adding content here to the website all the time and have switched my main focus here to helping you out. 

Another helpful page is my Resources page where you will find my picks for the best supplies for not only collecting autographs but card collecting in general. There are a lot of options out there for toploaders, penny sleeves, binders, pages and more – I only recommend products I use myself.

If you have a question about collecting autographs through the mail, feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer your question. Please note, I cannot fulfill individual address requests. There are so any great resources like and Startiger and even the free site If you are looking for my picks for the best address sites, you can find them on my aptly titled Best Address Sites page.

I’m glad you are here, and I want to hear how your collecting is going! So feel free to drop me a line or drop a comment on one of my YouTube videos to say what you have gotten in recently.  

Mail your mailboxes be full, and your stamps Forever.