Casey Fien, Fred Claire and Bob Tewksbury Autographs

What is up TTM Nation! TTM Troy here with another edition of autographs received through-the-mail or TTM!

Today we have Casey Fien – who signed 2 of 2 in 13 days via an address in California I researched on the Internet. Next we have Fred Claire who signed 3 of 1 in 16 days via his PO Box in California. He was a long-time Dodger GM and spokesperson. And finally we have Bob Tewksbury who signed 2/1 in 61 days via his home in New Hampshire.

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  • Casey Fein – 2/2 in 13 days via his home in CA
  • Fred Claire – 3/1 in 16 days via his PO Box in California
  • Bob Tewksbury – 2/1 61 days via his home in NH/li>

Autographs From This Video:

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