We Need To Talk About the Scarcity Mindset

Every so often I receive an email that goes something like this:

“I wish you wouldn’t have posted that via-venue address for <insert name here>. I haven’t gotten mine back yet and I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t post VV addresses because the more mail they get, the less chance I am going to get mine back.”

This is probably the poster-case for talking about the scarcity mindset. 

This type of mindset occurs in different fields every day and is easy to spot. It can be boiled down to a simple statement.

The more others have, the less I can have

And, in the TTM autograph collecting world – it is running rampant.


26 Baseball Autos in a Week!

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What’s up everybody – this has been a crazy week for my 1991 Donruss collection – all of these coming back this week, 26 total cards in the mail, let’s get right to it!

(sorry the video is a little fuzzy, it focused on my background…)

Here we go!