Christian Bergman, Guy Hoffman and more TTMS!

What’s up everybody, TTM Troy here with today’s autograph update video! Here is a look at today’s TTMs.

First we have Guy Hoffman who returned 1/1 in 9 days via his home in Illinois. He played for the White Sox, Cubs, Reds, Rangers and then was in the minor leagues from 1989-91. He had a W-L record of 17-17 with 187 strikeouts.

Next we have Mike Timlin who signed 1/1 in 16 days via his hime in Colorado. Mike played on 4 world series teams in his career. 1991 Blue Jays, 1993 Blue Jays, 2004 Red Sox and 2007 Red Sox. He retired in 2008.

Next we have Christian Bergman who signed 1/1 in 13 days via the Tacoma Raniers. He was drafter by the Rockies in the 24th round of the 2010 draft and called up in 2014. He went to the Mariners and is now on the Rainiers.

Off to Jim Lindeman who signed 1/1 in 9 days via his home in Illinoid. He was a first round draft pick of the Cardinals in 1983. He played for 5 different teams but never more than 75 games in a season.

And finally we have David Segui who signed 1/1 in 97 days via his home in Kansas City. His dad, Diego, was also a major leaguer. He was named by Jason Grimsley in the abuse scandal for taking HGH and later named as taking steroids. He played for 8 different teams until he retired in 2004.

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Autographs From This Video:

  • Guy Hoffman – 1/1 in 9 days via his home in IL
  • Mike Timlin – 1/1 in 16 days via his home in CO
  • Christian Bergman – 1/1 in 13 days via the Tacoma Rainiers
  • Jim Lindeman – 1/1 in 9 days via his home in IL
  • David Segui – 1/1 in 98 days via his home in Kansas City


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