This page lists all the current contests and group projects I am running or participating in with the TTM community on YouTube and Facebook!

Project Hit The Deck III

Project Hit The Deck III officially goes online on December 1, 2020!

The Basics

Project Hit The Deck III is based off the original Project Hit The Deck by Zane Savage, Stacy Shaffer and Jeremy Daniels of Autograph Weekly. It involves sending out regular playing cards to get signed TTM (hopefully on the face of the card). The catch – you have to provide a convincing argument why you had that particular person sign the card.

Want to see the results of Hit The Deck II? Click Here.

The Rules

  • Only TTM’s sent after December 1, 2020 and received before June 30, 2021 on playing cards will count.
  • Each TTM must have a “story” ie: why they signed that particular card. See below for examples.
  • Only 1 return per celebrity is allowed for the entire project. If one person gets a celeb, and someone else gets them as well, the second return is invalidated (but is still cool).
  • You get one entry for completing the HTD Success Form. You will receive another entry if you post a video on YouTube and a third entry if you post on Instagram. All social media mentions should mention Hit the Deck, and either or TTM Autograph on Youtube or Instagram. NOTE: A single video can only receive one entry. If you get three returns and put them all in 1 video, that is a maximum of one additional entry for that video.
  • Each successful accepted return is worth 1 entry.
  • The goal is to build an entire deck of 52.  However, if you want to use multiple decks, that is still allowed.
  • If a return doesn’t make sense, it may be excluded.

The Grand Prize

  • 2 rolls  of 100 count US Forever stamps
  • 1 year freesubscription to StarTiger (new or renewal)
  • Surprise gifts
  • Other prizes to be announced


  • Queen of Hearts – Anybody from The King of Queens TV Show
  • Jokers – any comedian
  • 2’s – Anybody who was in a sequel
  • 3’s – Anybody from Three Kings
  • 8’s – Anybody from 8 is Enough
  • Jacks – Anybody named Jack
  • 5’s – Cast of Party of 5, has a 5 as their jersey number, etc.
  • Any spade- David Spade, or Barney Shovel
  • Any Heart – so many places you can with this… from people named Heart, movies named heart, last name Love, celebs with a heart transplant… etc.

You get the idea.

Important Links

Record Your Successes Here



NameYouTube ChannelInstagramNumber of Entries
TTM TroyTTM Autograph@ttmautograph
Chase CollinsworthChase N Ink@chasenink1384
Caleb CraigCaleb's Cards TTM Autographs & More@calebscardsttmautographs25
Eddy's Baseball AutographsEddys' Baseball Autographseddys_baseball_autographs/12
Henry Strobel Jr.Henry S8
Pokey the Bravepokey.the.brave111
Megan Tmegantthobbies@megantthobbies
TTM Fan Brian
Owen S
Zane SavageZane Savage17
Michael Rhoades2


CelebrityOccupationParticipant NameCard SignedExplanationEntries
Ed AsnerActorChase N Ink5 Spades5 old comedy writers talk s***t, Hawaii 5-0(new and old) & The 5th Quarter3
Wes StudiActorChase N InkKing of HeartsKings, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee & Empire of the Heart2
Cubby O'BrienActorPokey the Brave6 of ClubsHe was an original Mousketeer in the Mickey Mouse CLUB2
Jack O'HalloranActorChase N InkJack of SpadesJack for his name Jack O'Halloran, spade because he was in all black for Superman3
Jack GingActorHenry SAce SpacesJack Ging was in A Team and Ace of spades for his ficticious service in Vietnam. (also played Marshal Ace Hayes in Hang Em High)2
Shecky GreeneComedianHenry SJokerOld comedian who I didn't have in the collection1
Chelcie RossActorChase N Ink10 of DiamondsHe played Ed Harris in Major League. Harris was #10 on the team and Baseball = Diamond.3
Scott AltmanActorChase N InkJoker (Maverick Brand)Scott Altman played Maverick in Top Gun for the flying scenes, He was the one that was upside down and gave the finger.3
Dmitri KhristichHockey PlayerPokey the Brave8 of HeartsKhristich’s Jersey Number was 82
Orson Scott CardAuthorPokey the Brave5 of Diamondsname "Card" and wrote “Red Prophet”2
Ruth Buzzi ComedianCaleb's CardsJoker Miss Buzzi is a comedian with such performances on Hee Haw and others. 3
Ruta LeeActorCaleb's Cards7 of Hearts movie 7 Brides For 7 Brothers1
M. Emmet Walsh ActorCaleb's CardsJack Of Hearts movie called Jack of Hearts in 20001
Ken Land ActorCaleb's Cards6 Of Spades show called 'Six Feet Under' 1
Paige HurdActorCaleb's Cards5 Of Spadesshow Hawaii 5-O (the newer version)1
Earl Boen ActorCaleb's Cards9 Of Spades She played Agent 99 on Get Smart1
Ace Mask ActorCaleb's CardsAce Of Diamonds his name is Ace1
Barbara FelsonActorChase N Ink9 of HeartsShe played Agent 99 on Get Smart3
Yvon LabreHockey PlayerPokey the Brave7 of HeartsHe wore #7 for the Capitals2
Lynn SwannFootball PlayerPokey the Brave8 of ClubsHe wore Jersey #882
Richard PettyRacing HOFPokey the BraveAce of SpadesHe’s a Driving Ace2
Clive RevillActorChase N InkKing of ClubsHe was in an episode of Jason King, King Henry II in Played Churchill's People, The King in The Frog Prince, King Mezzer in Rumpelstiltskin, King Lear in Tiny Toons Adventures, King Nod in The Thief and the Cobbler, King Midas in Adventures from the Book of Virtues, The King in Puss In Boots, King in Pinky and the Brain and King Richard in Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse.3
Richard PettyRacing HOFChase N InkKing of SpadesHe is the King of Racing, played Mr. The King in Cars0
Frank Bolick Baseball PlayerCaleb's Cards3 Of Diamonds I sent Mr. Bolick the 3 of diamonds cards since he was a MLB player who played 3rd base during his career. 3
Zenon AndrusyshynFootball PlayerCaleb's Cards7 Of Clubs I wrote Me. Andrusyshyn because he wore #7 during his career, and though that would be a good one to have him sign. 1
Vance LawBaseball PlayerZane Savage5 of Spades5 Jersey #2
Jim BorgmanqComic CreatorPokey the BraveKing of HeartsCreator of “Zits” comic strip syndicated through King Features Syndicate. 2
Lou AdlerRecord ProducerPokey the BraveKing of ClubsWon the 1972 Grammy for Album of the Year producing “Tapestries” by Carole King. 2
Louise FletcherActorPokey the Brave5 of DiamondsTV show VR.52
Jacqueline BissetActorAutograph CS2 of DiamondsMiss Bisset was in (1967) Two for the Road2
FabioActorPokey the Brave3 of SpadesExorcist 32
Leah ReminiActorChase n InkQueen of HeartsShe was in King of Queens3
Harry ReidPoliticianPokey the Brave8 of HeartsSenate Majority Leader for 8 years2
George J. MitchellPoliticianPokey the Brave8 of ClubsElected into the Senate in ‘882
Bill ElliottRacing Pokey the Brave9 of DiamondsOwner of No.9 in racing throughout his career. 2
Henry WinklerActorChase N Ink2 of SpadesHe was in the music video for 2 Legit 2 Quit3
Jerry BruckheimerDirectorPokey the Brave6 of ClubsWinner of 6 Academy Awards2
Erin GrayActorChase N Ink6 of HeartsMovie 6 pack3
EmmyLou HarrisSingerPokey the Brave10 of SpadesReleased Album “Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town”2
Dominic PaceActorChase N Ink9 of SpadesWas in the movie Bottom of the 9th and an episode of 9-1-13
Elroy FaceBaseball PlayerPokey the BraveKing of ClubsA "face" card2
Leah ReminiActorPokey the BraveQueen of ClubsKing of Queens0
Bobby Brownbaseball playerZane Savage6 SpadesJersey #2
Tony DorsettFootball PlayerPokey the Brave3 of SpadesJersey #332
Charles 'Chick' Cleveland Korean War "Ace"Caleb's CardsAce Of Clubs Mr. Cleveland was the last Korean War fighter jet Ace3
Martin SheenActorChase N Ink5 of DiamondsHe was in Babylon 53
Ron TurcotteJockeyChase N Ink3 of SpadesHe won the Triple Crown, wore Black 3 in the 2nd race.3
Vic SeixasTennis PlayerEddy's Baseball AutographsAce of DiamondsAn Ace in tennis is an un-returned serve. 3
Brandi ChastainSoccer PlayerChase N Ink6 of DiamondsShe wore #63
Kinky FriedmanAuthorPokey the Brave10 of SpadesHe authored the book “10 Little New Yorkers”2
Peter Coyote ActorPokey the Brave9 of HeartsStarred in movies Route 9, Heartbreakers, and Heart of Midnight. 2
Dave KingmanBaseball PlayerPokey the BraveKing of ClubsNicknamed “Sky King” and “King Kong”2
Tim PotiHockey PlayerPokey the Brave3 of SpadesJersey #3 with the Capitals2
George WillPoetPokey the Brave7 of HeartsWon the Pulitzer Prize in ‘772
Hershel WilliamsVetereanZane Savage2 of SpadesWWII Hero2
Jerry ReinsdorfBulls OwnerZane Savage6 of DiamondsBull's 6 NBA Championship Run2
Jonathan GoldsmithActorZane Savage2 of HeartsDOS (two) Equis Guy2
Pete Beathard Football PlayerCaleb's Cards10 of spades Pete Beathard wore #10 during his NFL career3
Tom Tupa Football PlayerCaleb's Cards2 of clubsTom Tupa scored the first 2 point conversion in NFL history 3
Richard BarancikVeteranZane Savage2 of ClubsWWII Hero1
Jerry LawlerWrestlerZane SavageKing of DiamondsJerry "The King" Lawler2
Leslie JordanActressChase N Ink3 of HeartsWas in the movie Eating out 3, played Theodore Willinghouse III in Woah!3
Rita MorenoActressEddy's Baseball AutographsKing of HeartsShe acted in the move The King and I3
Mark MoseleyFootball PlayerEddy's Baseball Autographs3 of DiamondsWore #3 for the Redskins3
Gov. Chris ChristiePoliticianPokey the Brave5 of SpadesHe was the 55th Governor of New Jersey 2
Jay HaasGolferPokey the BraveJack of Spades "J" 2
Tommy ChongComedianPokey the BraveJokerComedian2
Karen ValentineActressPokey the Brave9 of HeartsA Heart since her name is Valentine2
Mark MoseleyFootball PlayerPokey the Brave3 of ClubsJersey #30
Paul FuscoActorPokey the Brave4 of SpadesAppeared in “A Far Out Fourth”2
Summer SandersSwimmerPokey the Brave4 of HeartsWin 4 medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics2
Billy CrystalComedianPokey the BraveJokerComedian2
Burton GilliamActorChase N Ink8 of HeartsWas in the movie Hearts of the West3
Lisa LoebSingerPokey the Brave9 of DiamondsHer band’s name was 9 Stories2
Toby HarrahBaseball PlayerChase N InkToby CardHe is on the card3
Kevin BaconActorChase N InkJack of DiamondsHe played characters named Jack in Friday the 13th, Apollo 13, A Few Good Men, My Dog Skip and Frost/Nixon3
Scott FletcherBaseball PlayerChase N InkScott CardHe is on the card2
Bruce JohnstonSingerPokey the Brave2 of Spades"Little Deuce Coupe"2
Mike Farrell & Shelley FabaresActorsPokey the Brave2 of SpadesThey are a married couple - Fabares starred in Two for the Money3
Carol BurnettActorChase N Ink4 of HeartsToy Story 43
Claudia ChristianActressChase N Ink5 of ClubsBabylon 52
Amy SedarisActressChase N Ink7 of HeartsShe was in Six Days 7 Nights2
Troy RutterActorChase N Ink7 of Spades7th Heaven2
Kelly MillerHockey PlayerPokey the Brave10 of HeartsJersey # with Capitals2
Nehemiah PersoffActorPokey the Brave5 of ClubsHawaii 5-02
Carol BurnettActressEddy's Baseball AutographsJokerComedian0
Bradford ParkinsonInventorPokey the Brave10 of ClubsThe initial implementation of Navstar-GPS involved the launching of 10 prototype satellites. 2
Lee GrantActressPokey the BraveQueen of ClubsShe appeared in “Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen”2
Jim CraigHockey PlayerPokey the Brave3 of ClubsHe wore #30 on the 1970 Olympic Team2
Fran DrescherActressPokey the BraveJack of ClubsAppeared in the movie "Jack" 2
John "Guppy" TroupBowlerHenry S10 DiamondsGuppy, Father of Kyle Troup is a Professional bowler (10 pin)2
Robert CrippenAstronautPokey the Brave7 of HeartsCommanded Shuttle Mission STS-72
PJ SolesActressChase N Ink4 of SpadesShe was in Mirror Mirror 43
Marc SummersTV Show HostZane Savage2 SpadesHost of "Double Dare"1
John CullumActorZane Savage7 of DiamondsIn the show The Magnificent Seven1
Matt ZaffinoNew AnchorHenry S8 HeartsLong time weatherman for KGW Portland Channel 82
John LandisDirectorHenry S3 ClubsLandis directed 3 Amigos 1
Henry WinklerActorAutographsCS2 of Spades movie Two Daddies0
Carol BurnettActressAutographsCS4 of Heartsfilm 'The Four Seasons'0
Lou WagnerActorAutographsCSKing of HeartsCaptain Isotope (as King Boris)3
Roger CraigFootball PlayerChase N Ink3 of DiamondsHe wore the number 33 and he was a 3x Super Bowl Champ3
Jean-Claude KillyAthletePokey the Brave3 of Spades3x Olympic Gold Medalist2
Dan GableAthlete/CoachPokey the Brave8 of HeartsCoached 8 Olympian Medalists2
Tim AllenActorPokey the BraveJack of DiamondsPlayed Jack Shepard in “Zoom”2
Bill CousyBasketball PlayerPokey the Brave6 of Clubs6X NBA Champion 2
Burton CummingsSongwriterPokey the BraveKing of HeartsWrote the song “Heartbroken Bopper”2
Larry PateyHockey PlayerPokey the Brave6 of SpadesJersey #62
Patty McCormackActressChase N InkQueen of SpadesShe was in the movie Snow Queen3
Molly QuinnActressChase N Ink10 of HeartsShe was a voice on Ben 103
Ron GantBaseball PlayerMichael Rhoades4 of HeartsFeatured on Card2
Ron GantBaseball PlayerMichael Rhoades8 of clubsFeatured on Card0
Mercury MorrisFootball PlayerPokey the Brave2 of Diamonds Jersey #22, 2x Super Bowl Champ2
Dwier BrownActorChase N Ink7 of DiamondsHe was in 7th Heaven and the Diamonds are for Field of Dreams a baseball movie3
Butterbean (Eric Esch)AthleteZane SavageKing of Heartsnickname: King of the 4 Rounders2
Lana WoodActressChase N InkAce of DiamondsShe was in Diamonds are Forever3
Olympia DukakisActressChase N Ink3 of ClubsShe was in 3 Needles & Naked Gun 33 1/32
Rita MorenoActressChase N InkKing of ClubsShe was in the King and I0
Craig T. NelsonActorPokey the BraveJack of SpadesPlayed Jack Ramsay in TV show “Murder in Texas” and starred in the movie “Action Jackson”2
Jacqueline BissetActressPokey the Brave9 of ClubsIn movie “9/11”, “Let the Devil wear Black” and “The Survivor’s Club”0
Vicki LawrenceActressPokey the BraveJokerComedienne2
Rex WhitrRacingPokey the Brave4 of SpadesNASCAR Driver drove #42
Annika SorenstamGolferPokey the BraveQueen of ClubsShe is a pro Golfer (clubs)2
Ann BlythActressPokey the BraveQueen of DiamondsShe appeared in the Twilight Zone episode, “Queen of the Nile”2
FabianActorPokey the Brave10 of ClubsStarred in the movie “Ten Little Indians”2
Judi DenchActressZane Savage9 of ClubsIn the movie "Nine"2
CoolioSingerPokey the Brave4 of ClubsSang “1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumin’ New)”2
Jeff UhlenlakeActorChase N InkAce of HeartsHe was in Ace Ventura3
Barry CorbinActorEddys' Baseball AutographsKing of ClubsHe was in an episode of King of the Hill3
Sophia LorenActressPokey the Brave9 of DiamondsStarred in the movie “Nine”2
Channon MillerGymnastPokey the Brave7 of Spades7x Olympic Medalist and leader of the “Magnificent Seven”. 2
Larry 'The Cable Guy'ComedianCaleb's CardsJokerComedian3