Donruss update plus Wacha, Cuddyer and Jace Peterson!

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Today I have a huge update to the 1991 Donruss set as well as a couple of stragglers from MLB last season that just came back – probably after returning for Spring Training. Let’s jump right into it!

BJ Surhoff signed 1/1 in 86 days via home in Maryland, Matt Young signed 1/1 in 41 days via home in California, Mark Parent signed 1/1 in 41 days via home in California and Luis Salazar signed 2/2 in 265 days via home in MS.

Howard Johnson signed 1/1 in 86 days via home in TN, Steve Searcy signed 1/1 in 14 days via home in TN and a surprise return from Rick Rueschel who signed 1/1 in 15 days via home in PA. Rounding up the Donruss action we have Anthony Telford who signed 1/1 in 41 days via home in FL, Zane Smith signed 1/1 in 15 days via his home in GA and Max Venable signed 1/1 in 15 days via his home in CA.


Some current MLB returns include Jace Peterson who signed 2/2 in 202 days via the regular season Braves stadium, Michael Wacha who also signed 2/2 in 176 days via the Cardinals regular season stadium and then Michael Cuddyer who signed 1/1 in 265 days via the Twins stadium up in Minnesota.

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Hope everybody is having a great 2018 so far! May your mailboxes be full and your stamps Forever! Come on Spring Training!

Autographs from this video:

  • BJ Surhoff – 86 Days
  • Matt Young – 41 Days
  • Mark Parent – 41 Days
  • Luis Salazar – 265 Days
  • Howard Johnson – 86 Days
  • Steve Searcy – 14 Days
  • Rick Rueschel – 15 days
  • Anthony Telford – 41 Days
  • Zane Smith – 15 Days
  • Max Venable – 15 Days
  • Jace Peterson – 202 Days
  • Michael Wacha – 176 Days
  • Michael Cuddyer – 265 Days