Huge TTM Recap! Spring Training, Classic and Hockey!

Huge returns for this recap video and a mini-rant at the end! Spring Training successes from current and past pros, as well as hockey returns. Plus a couple of ebay pickups for my 1991 Donruss set!

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Video Description:


Alan Mills -1/1 in 91 days sent to Orioles Spring Training
Mitch Webster – 1/1 in 121 days via home in Kansas
Dave Clark – 1/1 in 12 days via Tigers Spring Training
Jeff Manto – 1/1 1/1 in in 12 days via Orioles Spring Training
Don Robinson – 12 days via home in Florida
Ron Kittle – 1/1 in 20 days via home in IL – no donation
Mark Whiten – 1/1 in 20 days via home in FL
Derek Lilliquist – 1/1 in 42 days via Nationals Spring Training
Ted Power – 1/1 in 20 days via Reds Spring Training
Dan Schatzeder – 1/1 in 20 days via his home in IL
Tom Herr – 1/1 in 20 days via home in PA

Andrew Moore – 1/1 in 28 days via Mariners ST
Daniel Robertson – 2/2 in 28 days via Tampa Bay Rays ST
Kevin Pillar – 2/2 in 42 days via Blue Jays ST (2nd time)
Danny Duffy – 2/2 in 9 days via Royals ST
Brad Ziegler – 1/1 in 50 days via Marlins ST


Dave Ellett 1/1 in 20 days via home in AZ
Jimmy Carson – 1/1 in 20 days via home in MI
Bryan Smolinski – 2/1 in 20 days via home in MI
Don Beaupre – 1/1 in 11 days via home in MN
Olaf Kolzig – 1/1 in 18 days via home in FL

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