I got a “Zamboni” autograph through the mail TTM!

Couple of hockey autos plus some 1982 Fleer action including “The Zamboni!” Find out how to get autographs of your own from current players with my book at http://ttmautograph.com/book Find out how to get autographs of your own from current players with my book at http://ttmautograph.com/book

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Autographs for the wall (thank you!) this video include:

Eddie’s baseball Autographs – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1X4XS4i-N0O8zdQIC9n3w
Chad Hopkins – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCulWlvsrbIWANG7V6DpM2Xg
Michael Myers – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1X4XS4i-N0O8zdQIC9n3w

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Want to know some current players who sign autographs through the mail for their fans? Check the link below! 👇

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Autographs in this video: Bill Lee, Jonny Gomes, Dave Tylor, Scott Leius, Marwin Gonzalez, Steve Farr, Steve Garvey, Brian McRae, Steven King, Kirk Baltby, Nolan Fontana, Randy Wood, Scott Fulhage, Tyler Naquin, Bernie Federko, Jarrod Parker, Don Aase, Drew VerHagen, Mark Greig, Pete O’Brien, Eric Fisher, Dan Straily, Normand Rochefort, Ramon Aviles, Dan Quinn, Craig Stammen, Steve Tuttle, Phil Housley, Jim Benning, Rick Miller, Steve Konroyd, Gene Nelson

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Autographs From This Video:

  • Ken Reitz – 1/1 in 12 dys via home in MO
  • Tom Griffin – 1/1 in 12 dys via home in California
  • Curt Giles – 2/2 in 19 days via home in MO
  • Gary Shuchuk – 1/1 in 10 days via home in Wisconsin