Peyton Manning Autograph Return!

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I gave all my cards to Peter of Peyton Manning a couple of years ago because he wasn’t signing, then BOOM! He was signing up a storm. No exact dates on this one, but its about 30 days. A lot of people seem to get no response, items returned unsigned (especially photos) so I am thrilled to get this one back! I did some spot checking for authenticity and doesn’t look like autopen (can’t find any 100% exact signatures from other successes) and it looks pretty good to me.

The other return is a 1/1 success from Dave Martinez – now manager (not coach as I say in the video) of the Washington Nationals via Spring Training!

Thanks for watching everyone – I hope you enjoy the return of the more immediate returns. As my doctor says, regularity is good!

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Autographs From This Video:

  • Peyton Manning – ?? Days
  • Dave Martinez – ?? Days
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