Sean Manaea and more Spring Training Returns!

Whats up TTM Nation! First off sorry about the awkward audio on this video, not sure what is up but the graphs make up for the audio – here is what we got from Spring Training today!

Jaycob Brugman signed 2/2 in 26 days via the Orioles Spring Training, Luis Santos signed 2/2 in 19 days via the Blue Jays, Sean Manaea signed 2/2 in 19 days via the A’s Spring Training, Jake Smolinksi signed 2/2 in 19 days also from the A’s.

Mitch Haniger signed 1/1 in 33 days via the Mariners, and Ramon Santiago signed 2/2 in 19 days via Tiger Town Spring Training down in Florida!

Hope your Spring Training is going FAN-tastic, keep posting those returns! As always please like, share, comment and subscribe and I truly hope everyday is a GIANT MAIL DAY!

Autographs from this video:

  • Jaycob Brugman – 26 Days
  • Luis Santos – 19 Days
  • Sean Manaea – 19 Days
  • Jake Smolinski – 19 Days
  • Mitch Haniger – 33 Days
  • Ramon Santiago – 19 Days